#5 The Ruse

Episode Five

This episode follows Jessica McDermott as an anecdote told by her father leads her down a rabbit hole and she ends up finding herself on an unlikely quest 14 years after his death.
*Beware: if you have not listened to the episode, there are spoilers below*
Nikesh and the book
©2017 Jessica McDermott – Nikesh Patel holding a copy of Acting: A Book For Amateurs by Seymour Hicks.
1.    How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it?
My mum studied photography when I was still at primary school. I didn’t enjoy it then as it kept her away from me, but I was still surrounded by it, so perhaps it eventually seeped in. I always enjoyed art, writing and story telling in different forms and then I took photography as my Duke of Edinburgh skill and ended up in the dark room at my secondary school a lot and my interest built from there. I mostly took self-portraits as different characters as an eighteen year-old. Something that stopped when I went to art school, but that has continued again ever since.

2.    Can you describe your Scenario experience in THREE words…

Theatre History Mystery.

3.    Could you update us on your work/project since we recorded your episode?


I have continued to look into the different links connecting my dad, Seymour Hicks, and Hick’s father-in-law (William Terriss) to different parts of history. Unlike, the other Scenario projects this one is still in the research stages. I’m still not sure how it will finally manifest itself, but it’s exciting to investigate the various leads and to start thinking about a final output for the work.

You can find more of Jessica’s work at jessicamcdermott.com

Plaque to William Terriss taken outside The Adelphi Theatre stage door.