Six Podcasts about Hidden Stories


We know our listeners have a hunger for stories and while you’re patiently waiting for Scenario Season Two, we want to keep you stocked up on plot, twists and revelations!

Here are our top suggestions to keep you going...

Each of the shows below has it’s own specialist topic. And just like Scenario brings you the hidden stories behind photography, these podcasts all have their own spin on a story from behind-the-scenes.



A podcast that takes you behind the scenes of some of the best investigative journalism from recent years. Told through interviews and narration, each episode delves into stories from behind the headlines and takes you on a journey through the leads, the dead-ends and, of course, the tip offs.



Stepping away from the Trump headlines of the USA and the Brexit dominant news from the UK, this podcast brings you the serious and silly European news stories that you may otherwise have missed. Presented by reporter Katy in Paris and opera singer Dominic in Amsterdam, the shows are a mix of interviews and chat with stories from spider webs phenomenons in Greece to a Belgian campaigner for the visually impaired who has swapped her guide dog for Europe's first guide horse.



The podcast that sorts fact from fad. Turning to science, they investigate the truth behind the latest trends, scares and hard-wired myths to discover what we can really know for sure. This season they’re tackling plastics, veganism, essential oils, gentrification and CBD cannabis, as well as going back to classic episodes on divisive issues as part of a US midterm elections special.



Serial is a podcast from the creators of This American Life. The first season quickly became the most listened to podcast ever and helped the medium’s popularity to soar. If you’re new to Serial though, in the first season they reopened an murder investigation from 1999 and tried to determine whether it was a case of wrongful conviction. In their third season, they are going behind the scenes of less spectacular cases, but just as fascinating, to get to grips with how the US justice system really works.



Grief is something that most of us tiptoe around. If it’s not directly happening to us, we’re not sure how to react and we often don’t dig too deep when someone else is affected by it. Unless you’re Cariad Lloyd, of course. In this podcast, she speaks to different comedians and other funny people about the deaths of people close to them. The conversations are intimate, warm and also very funny as she and her guest discuss loss, anecdotes about the person who has died, and the effect it had on their lives.



This podcast presents stories behind and at the heart of the economy in fun bite-sized segments. Told through narratives about real people, schemes and loopholes, Planet Money manages to make tax regulation, yard sales, and even where milk is stocked in a supermarket really interesting. Listening to them pull that off is a marvel in itself and more incredible still, they’ve been doing it for over 800 episodes!


Hopefully these will keep you going... Of course there are other great podcasts out there too, but these ones are our favourites that all have new episodes out right now! So, go and check them out.

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Jessica McDermott