#4 The Precursor

Episode Four

This episode follows Kate O’Neill as she describes and prepares The Precursor Project, an archive of images unknowingly taken in the 24 hours before a devastating terror attack.
© 2015 Kate O’Neill

“Probably the main image I remember from the project is a couple kissing under The Arc De Triomphe… You’re can see they’re talking, she’s like, ‘Let’s take a picture of us kissing’. So he goes to kiss her and she puts her hand out to take the selfie, but the whole time she’s looking at the camera phone, and so he’s there enjoying a kiss with his girlfriend and she has no intention of looking or kissing him back. And they’re so young and it’s just so funny and it’s just a little depiction of youth.”

You can find more work from The Precursor at theprecursorproject.org