#6 The Brother

Episode Six

This episode follows Jennifer Balcombe as she records her sibling Dev’s transition from her sister to her brother.
Dev, as photographed by Jen, during our recording.
1.    How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it?
When I was a kid, my parents always had the newspaper delivered everyday; as my father read, I would look at the pictures. Since then, I have had pretty much a life-long fascination with photography. At school, I loved taking photos and outside of school I constantly photographed my friends (to their annoyance). I studied photojournalism at university and then worked as an assistant for a wide variety of photographers. In the last two years I have branched out far more, mainly shooting commercial food and drinks, which I love. Shooting personal work, such as my ‘Brother’ project lets me have a balance of both worlds.

2.    Can you describe your Scenario experience in THREE words…

Fun, Bonding, Reflective.

3.    Could you update us on your work/project since we recorded your episode?

Brother is a long-term project, which develops alongside the changes in my brother’s life. Participating in the podcast has given us an opportunity to consider where the project will go next and how we could further explore gender identity. Watch this space!

You can find more of Jennifer’s work at jenniferbalcombe.com

An image of Dev, from earlier in their project together.